Gather knowledge. Knowledge gathers.

First, please try input a terminology. Anything is good.

Stock will learn your interests, and tell various terminology.


How Stock works

  • 1. Write
  • 2. Search
  • 3. Suggestion

1. Write

Write your memos.

Enter your interested keywords. That's it.

On business, on private, on study meetings, you come across various words that attract you, aren't you?

It's Stock's turn!

Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Let's save these knowledge into Stock.

2. Search

Search the keywords of your memos.

You can access easily to various related informations from Stock.

And you can save helpful notes and links into the memo. Let's make full use of these features.

3. Suggestion

Stock suggests other keywords that will attract you.

This step is an unique feature of Stock.

The AI implemented in Stock learns what you learned from your memos.

"I found this word, do you know the meaning?"

Please tell the AI whether you are interested in the word or not.

The AI learns deeper and deeper by using such informations and be a great partner of your learning.